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ALEKS is a subsidiary of McGraw Hill and delivers the most sophisticated technology and high-quality digital material in the context of exciting educational experiences.

More than 25 million students have utilized ALEKS in topics ranging from Grade 3 mathematics through Pre-calculus, college-level Statistics, and Chemistry at hundreds of universities, colleges, and K-12 institutions worldwide. It is an artificially intelligent learning and assessment system, for Math, Chemistry, Statistics, and Accounting.

ALEKS intelligence, material, and software are all unique and copyrighted; they are created in collaboration and function in tandem.

ALEKS digital material covers all aspects of the course.

McGraw Hill ALEKS is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including mathematical cognitive science, computer science and engineering, education, user experience, mathematics, and chemistry. ALEKS was named the Best Science Instructional Solution for Grades 9-12 and Higher Education in 2020. ALEKS (Alternative Learning System for Chemistry)

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