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    What type of questions can students submit for help? Do you have any restrictions?

    You can submit any sort of questions that you need help with in all the subjects listed on our website.

    Do you charge based on the questions that students submit?

    We charge you based on the questions that you submit.

    Do you provide any guarantee for quality?

    All our tutors are extremely qualified and you can be assured about the quality of work that you will receive.

    What if I am not satisfied with the work that you provide?

    You can always come back to us and request that the work be reviewed again. We shall do that without any additional charges.

    Do you offer any sort of assurance with grades?

    Our services are intended to provide a detailed solution for the questions that students submit and therefore it has nothing to do with grades.

    How can I contact you for assistance?

    You can chat with us live or email us or call us anytime.

    How can I make payments?

    You can make payments by your credit or debit cards. We accept all forms of credit and debit cards.

    Will I get a receipt after the payment?

    You will get an instant notification regarding the payments that you make through the email address that you provide.

    What is your USP?

    Providing quality service is our motto and we will make sure that the best sort of customer service is being offered to you and you can contact our relationship manager incase if you have any discrepancies.

    Is this confidential?

    It is 100% confidential and we make sure that none of your information is leaked or shared with any other source.

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