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    • What is pollution The mixing up of unwanted, hazardous stuff that leads to contamination of the natural environment is known as pollution. Pollution takes a toll not only on human health but also on our planet as a whole. Ironically, man-made

    • Essay about sharks Sharks belong to a group of fish called ‘elasmobranch’. Their existence dates back to 420 million years. They are a different type of fish that are made of cartilaginous tissues and not bones. This is the reason that

    • Essay on Information Knowledge about anything that is given or received is information. Information helps us to learn and understand the things around us. People use information to make sense of the world they live in. The knowledge they gain from

    • How to be a brilliant student in college? Every student aspires to be the best student in the class.  Brilliance is not a natural phenomenon. It can be cultivated with constant practice and determination. Be responsible – A brilliant students needs

    • The nature and importance of leadership A good leader can have a huge impact on the growth of an organization. Leadership is the most sought after quality in any organization. Every company aspires to have a great leader at the help

    • Math is the hardest subject There is no second opinion about the fact that Math is the hardest subjects of all subjects. This holds true in any part of the world. Math is the most challenging subject in a student’s academic

    • How to Stay in Hostel without Parents? Family is an important part of a man’s life. For any youngster their parents are role models. All of us are attached to our parents. It is a tough task to stay away from

    • How to live in hostel? Living in hostel is a challenging task. Before going to a hostel it is important to understand the nature of a hostel. It would be prudent to gather knowledge about a hostel functions. It could be

    • Various stages involved in new product development Generation of Ideas - This is the first and foremost stage in new product development. The needs and wants of consumers are assessed with the help of marketing research. Suggestions from consumes and

    • How to Write an Introduction to an Assignment ? Introduction gives an outline of the entire assignment and it lays the foundation for the reader. Introduction has an important role in an assignment. An introduction gives the reader an idea of