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    Economic Indicators on Automobile Sector

    Economic Indicators on Automobile Sector
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    In this assignment, you are to write a 3 – 4 pages report analyzing the following indicators within the economy. 1) interest rates,  2) unemployment rate; 3) wage rates,  Analyze these indicators and prepare
    a 3-4 page report explaining the expected short-term impacts on firms in any one of the  following three industries in terms of product sales; operating costs; revenues or economic profits: (Airline, Automobile;
    Retail and Textile). You are expected to follow the APA writing guidelines.


    Introduction to US economy and automobile sector US economy is the world’s largest economy in terms of trades and services. Between 1995
    and 2005, the United States accounted directly for one-third of global economic expansion. In between 1983 and 2004, U.S. imports soared tremendously and contributed nearly 20 per cent of the increase of the world’s exports. After a mild recession in March-November 2001, the
    U.S. economy resumed expanding, an average 2.9 per cent during 2002-2006, while price inflation, unemployment, and interest rates remained relatively low. But in 2008, US economy got caught in the spiral ofbiggest recession after the great depression of 1930s.
    Though the main cause for this recession was collapse of mortgage based security system, other sectors got affected too.

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