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Ethical Decision making process

Q: The ethical decision making process begins

Ans: option A- when stakeholders trigger ethical issue awareness and individuals openly discuss it with others.

Q: the benefits of pursuing a strategy of social responsibility

Ans: The positive impact that such a strategy has on the company’s image rating; provided the company spends a meaningful amount on socially responsible activities is 10% or more above the most recent year’s industry average.

Q: the need for esteem concerns an employee’s desire for

Ans: Option D- Self – Worth

Q: if a sole proprietor is found negligent of an action

Ans: Option E- Unlimited Liability.

Q: three step ethics model

Ans: Using the Three-step Ethics Model, suggested by Blanchard and Peale I would answer the three questions and from my answers if I find that the result does not recommend me doing those actions, I will refrain from doing it. It has been mentioned that the particular skill is out of scope of practice.

Is it legal?

Since it has already been stated that the skill is out of scope, practicing the skill will make me break laws and even company rules. So, it is not legal

Is it balanced?

Since it is already out of scope, practicing the skill is not going to prove beneficial for anyone. Only there might be irreversible serious damages that may happen so no it is not balanced.

How will it make me feel about myself?

If I go ahead and practice this skill I will feel that I’m breaking the law and being untruthful to myself. So I will decide that I should not do activities that are against the law and those which are wrong even when I possess the skill needed for practicing. 

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