Number Theory Homework Help

Number Theory Homework Help


Number theory includes a detailed analysis of integers comprising whole numbers and does not include any decimals or fractions.

  • The epic jargon of numbers needs an expert intervention as its homework is also tricky. 
  • This is a branch of mathematics that deals with the ordering of numerology from negative infinity to positive infinity.
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If you are not a sound expert in maths and still need a degree, the number theory help can offer advanced solutions in completing your tasks.

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  • The number theory refers to detailed know-how of rational numbers, real numbers, irrational and rational numbers and even the properties of integers.
  • It also consists of some complex or imaginary numerical data. 
  • Math students who are recently exposed to this theory must hold a strong notch of advanced calculations for solving queries.
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Significance of Number Theory

Number theory is an extensive subject that deals with calculations on integers and numbers. This theory is further categorised into multiple ones based on the applications and principles involved. 


A few subdivisions of this field are elementary and analytic number theory, the geometry of numbers, modular forms, arithmetic dynamics, combinatorial theory and algebraic number theory.


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Main Subdivisions of Number Theory


  1. Analytic number theory

The best way to define an analytic number theory is by studying the integers via tools ranging from real to complex analysis. It also includes the thorough study of estimations of density and size in contrast to identity. A few common subjects covered here include illustrations to explain sieve theory and little analysis. 


Some illustrations of the analytic number theory include the prime number theorem, the Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach Conjectures and the waring problem. A few tools for explaining this theory are the circle technique, L-Functions and the sieve techniques.


  1. Algebraic Number Theory

Another division of number theory is the thorough study of various algebraic objects of interest and properties related to them. The primary topic covered here is the generalization of the rational number. 


An algebraic number is any complex number that is a perfect solution to the polynomial equation along with rational coefficients. Some fields of algebraic numbers are also referred to shortly or algebraic number fields.


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Topics of Number Theory for which You can get Help

– Elliptic Curves

– Prime Numbers

– Algebraic Number Theory

– Algebraic Curves

– Ergodic Theory

– Integer Relations

– Real Numbers

– Class Numbers

– Generating Functions

– Rational Numbers

– Rational Approximation

– Automorphic Forms

– Binary Sequences

– Integers

– Reciprocity Theorems

– Irrational Numbers

– Constants

– Continued Fractions

– Diophantine Equations

– Normal Numbers

– Sequences

– Divisors

– Parity

– Congruences

– Transcendental Numbers


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Roadblocks Faced by Students in Completing Number Theory Homework

Number theory is an advanced mathematics topic where students must drill hard to equip themselves with relevant skills. An average learner might only be able to get familiar with its concepts if they derive extra coaching on it. Below is a list of reasons they might need professional intervention to complete assignments.

  • Time-consuming: Number theory needs a good amount of practice to get acquainted with its concepts. It demands a lot of time investment that many students fail to provide.
  • Unaware of its Applicability: Students need to be made aware of the applications of number theory and their real-life usage. As a result, they need help to get the desired grades in the examination.
  • Students also find it trivial to notch in various concepts and theorems. Thus, they need to make the right calculations in the study.
  • Some number theory problems demand an extra level of skillset that only a professional holds. Giving geometric proofs and justifying theorems is a difficult thing here.

Some common number theory topics on which you can get professional assistance from our experts include Arithmetic functions, congruence, perfect numbers and Fermat numbers, quadratic residue and several others.

Wrapping Up

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