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Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world.  This profession requires dedication, selflessness and patience.  Nurses are as important as doctors in the health care industry. We would have sought the help of nurses at least once in our lives. Whether it is checking our temperature for fever or giving a blood test. The work life balance of a nurse could be tough. In case of emergencies, nurses have to be in the hospital or clinic for the well being of the patients.

Nursing is considered an amalgamation of art and science. A nurse has to use both his/her heart and mind. It is just not about the nuances of health, it is also about being compassionate to a patient. A bright smile can change the mood of an ailing patient. A compassionate good morning can bring in a huge smile to an ailing child’s face. In the United States of America, there are over 4 million registered nurses as per a latest survey.  From the birth of a child to its death, nursing plays an important role in everybody’s lives.  Being a nurse is a very challenging job in the health care industry.

Fundamentals of nursing is a very important foundation for an aspiring nurse.  Some of the important fundamental topics are infection and how to control them, anger and pain management of patients , understanding nutrition etc.  Nursing management is also one of the most important topics where the students are thought about management of nurses.  This deals with leadership skills of nurses, staffing and directing.

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Health assessment in nursing is one of the most important aspects of Nursing. A nurse should be able to assess the health and well being a patient by looking at the tests . Nursing care of adults is different from nursing care of women and students. The topics are thought extensively in a bachelor degree course of nursing. Pharmacology and pathophysiology are important topics as well. Apart from bachelors degree, certain colleges offer weekend nursing program as well.

There are many types  of nurses in the health care industry. They are licenses practice nurses, oncology nurses, travel nurses, med surgical nurses, nurse anesthetist  and so on. A student can do specialization in his/her masters and post masters nursing certificate which is usually refereed as PMC.

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