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The most basic physical science is Physics. The behavior of the universe is the most fundamental aspect of Physics. With respect to academic discipline, Physics is considered to be the oldest. The lineage of Physics goes back to several years in the past. Incidentally, Physics along with biology and chemistry were actually part of a subject known to be Natural Philosophy.

It was during the 17th century that things changed as natural sciences got its due.

The boundary of physics is infinite.

As a matter of fact, advanced physics is a combination of various subjects as well.

The word Physics hails from an ancient Greek word, known as ‘physike’ This means knowledge of nature. As mentioned earlier the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries were the most crucial years with respect to Classical Physics.  These years saw the emergence of mavericks such as Galellio who was instrumental in developing telescopes and also Newton, whose gravitational laws changed the course of Physics and science as well in general.

  • It is also to be noted that calculus was another interesting development that was pioneered by Newton at that point of time.
  • This paved ways to solve physical problems, using mathematical equations, which was first of its kind during the seventeenth century.

Modern Physics came in the limelight during the 20th century. The pioneer of modern physics is Albert Einstein, who is known for his relativity theory which really turned things upside down. Another important person is Max Planck who is known for his quantum theory. Several discrepancies in the classical era were corrected during this time.

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