Physiology Homework Help 

Physiology Homework Help 

physiology homework help

Physiology is a scientific study and a stem of biology that mainly incorporates discussion of the mechanism and functions of a living body.

Therefore, physiology can be stated to be the study of human and animal body functions and instruments to investigate the significant functionalities of living body cells, tissues, organs and a body as a whole.

The study of physiology describes the working system of organs, biomolecules and the whole body that helps animals to keep their physical functions active and maintain their living system.

  • Physiology is broadly connected with obtaining knowledge regarding physical beings and leaving organisms to analyse the normal processes of their body parts.
  • Physiology is often regarded as an experimental discipline of science having primary importance in medicine and connected a health science which helps provide a detailed understanding of the standing of usual functionalities of a body.
  • The study of physiology enables individuals to gain knowledge about effective treatment of abnormal body functions or abnormal state of organ mechanisms. 

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Areas of physiology

There are mainly 5 study areas in physiology that specify 

  • medical physiology 
  • animal physiology 
  • plant physiology 
  • cell physiology and
  • comparative physiology

Medical physiology

Medical physiology is a field of science rather than physiology which depicts the study of several systems connected with a body from the level of molecules through integrated mechanisms toward the real relative connection of physical movement of living beings.

  • Although medical physiology is generally linked with humans, this specific field of study is also applicable to other living teachers like animals.
  • Medical physiology is also called clinical physiology to demonstrate a deep understanding of specific medical and clinical healthcare systems, followed by students studying how a human and animal body works.
  • This study is intrinsically connected with physics and chemistry behind the basic body structure and function of living creatures and the way molecules behave within cells and tissues to formulate a system or an organ so that they can work together and maintain normal body functions. 

Cell physiology

  • The branch of biology that depicts several aspects connected with various actions and activities within a cell to keep it alive is known as cell physiology.
  • The term cell physiology is associated with the biological study of normal functions of a cell within a living organism such as animal, microorganism or plant cells.
  • This particular study also provides significant knowledge about differences in processes of cells for plants, animals or microbiomes as well as the similarities in their structure and actions.  

Animal physiology

  • Animal physiology can be stated as the scientific observation of properties that support life and functions along with the procedures of several body parts of animals by covering the specific topics of homeostatic processes like temperature regulation, proper flow of blood and hormones and so on.
  • This helps an individual to understand and evaluate several underline biological procedures, including behaviours of animal organs towards social, environmental or natural stimuli.

Plant physiology

  • The term plant physiology is also connected with the branch of study in botany that provides significant knowledge regarding a plant’s physiological procedures and functions.
  • Close observation of plant ecology, morphology and phytochemistry is connected with this field of physiology.


Comparative physiology

  • The term comparative physiology denotes the study that explores the diversity of characteristics and mechanisms of various types of organisms with close identification and valuation of evolutionary and environmental physiology.
  • Comparative physiology, therefore, analyses the biological function evolution with the help of linking it with your logical traits between several organisms, especially animals.
  • This specific field thus establishes and constructs phylogenetic relationships between several groups of organisms. 

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Aim and purpose of studying physiology

The aim of studying physiology is to help students understand the normal and abnormal state of human and living animals’ organ mechanisms and evaluate how several organs respond to stimuli.

Stimuli are external event in physiology that is detectable from sudden changes in organisms’ physical or chemical structure.

  • Therefore stimuli, the external or internal event that can cause changes or irritation to normal functions of any body part or the whole body, can create a sensation in a body that can result in abnormal behaviour of organ functions.
  • Hence, the study of physiology aims to determine the abnormal condition or disease in the living body to facilitate and develop new treatment and asset principles and guidelines for maintaining normal conditions and normal health of the physical body of humans and animals.
  • The purpose of physiology in this regard is to adopt necessary healthcare measures by understanding and predicting the response of a body towards a stimuli and to sustain the normal conditions of animal or human organs.
  • This particular study also aims to understand how the body mechanism and the wave body maintains a normal state against internal and external changing environments. Therefore, physiology is essential for maintaining the normal state of several organs and body mechanisms, the stem of science.

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