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    There is a saying that it is all about the mind. Mind is such an important factor that shapes up one’s life. Psychology is the study of mind and its behavior. Psychologists play an important role in everyday life.  The phenomenon of unconscious and conscious is one of the most important facets of psychology.  The word psychology is derived from the greek word ‘Psyche’ . Marko Marulic, of the humanist from Croatia was first to use the word Psychologia. Wilhem Wundt is of the most important pioneers in the field of psychology and he is regarded as the father of psychology.

    It is fascinating to know the history of Psychology. It has been prevalent way back in the Ancient Greek period. There is evidence of Psychology being an integral part in the ancient Egypt times. Sanatana Dharma which is often referred to as Hinduism in modern era has dwelled in psychology to a great extent in their vedic scriptures. Up until the 1870’s psychology was a part of philosophy . However post the 1879 psychology became an important individual subject discipline in Germany, Post that there have been so many reputed  people in the field of psychology who have contributed to the growth of the subject. Signment Freud, Carl Jung , Alfred Adler and William James are some of the pioneers in the field of Psychology.

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