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As a student, you come across different kinds of data in your daily life.

  • This data may be from different sources such as scientific research, customer database, Google analytics, and a variety of sources.
  • Most of the time, handling this data is a tedious task because the data is vast sometimes, which is very difficult to handle.
  • Therefore, to handle the large chunks of data, there are several software available in the market. One such software is SPSS, also called Statistical Package for Social Sciences.

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What does SPSS mean?

SPSS is a dedicated software that is used to edit and analyze data coming from different sources. These sources include the data coming from scientific research, business database, and other government and non-governmental sources. So, to handle these different types of data, we use the SPSS software. It is used to open different file formats, such as:

  • spreadsheets from MS Excel or OpenOffice
  • relational (SQL) databases
  • stata and SAS
  • plain text files (.txt or .csv)

SPSS was developed in 1968 for the first time. Later, IBM acquired it in 2009. After that, in the year 2014, the software was renamed IBM SPSS Statistics. Earlier, the software was aimed at social sciences. Later it became popular in marketing, market research and data mining.

Besides the statistical analysis, SPSS also handles data management. It allows the users to perform case selection, create derived data, and file reshaping.

The software supports the following statistical methods:

  • Descriptive statistics, such as frequencies, cross-tabulation, and descriptive ratio statistics
  • Bivariate statistics include means, correlation, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and non-parametric tests.
  • Numeral outcome prediction such as linear regression
  • Prediction for identifying groups such as cluster analysis (K-means, two-step, hierarchical), factor analysis.

Essential Features of SPSS

Now that you have understood what SPSS is, let’s understand its main features by considering an example of a project workflow.

  • Open the data files, which happens in SPSS’s own file format or others.
  • Editing data, which includes computing sums and means over columns or rows of data. It also has options for more complex operations.
  • Creating tables and charts with frequency counts and summary statistics over (groups of) cases and variables.
  • Executing inferential statistical methods like ANOVA, regression, and factor analysis.
  • Saving data and output in different varieties of file formats.

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Benefits of SPSS Application

As discussed, SPSS is used in different fields of operations. It is mainly used for data analysis for bivariate and descriptive statistics, predictions to identify groups, and numeral result predictions. Moreover, it provides:

  • Advanced statistical analysis.
  • Text analysis.
  • Integration with different big data analytics.
  • Open-source extensibility.
  • Deployment to other applications.

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Why is SPSS comparatively better than other similar software?

  • The advantage of IBM SPSS is that it is significantly easier to use, scalable, and flexible for people of all skill levels.
  • Complex projects can be easily handled using the SPSS application.
  • Using the SPSS by the organizations will enhance performance and productivity.
  • It also reduces the risk factor for the companies.
  • The UI (User Interface) is designed to be user-friendly so that it can be easily operated.

How is SPSS beneficial for students?

  • As aforementioned, as a student, you come across different ways of using and managing data.
  • For example, if you are a student doing research for UG, PG, or Ph.D programs, the role of SPSS will be vital. In your course of research, it helps you test hypotheses and identifies the variable that impacts the outcome measures.
  • Let’s move on to understanding how SPSS would help you if you are a student.

Efficient Scientific Data Analysis:

The statistical package for the social sciences, or SPSS, is one of the tools that academics use the most frequently to analyze data. The primary use of SPSS is to research sociologically relevant logical data. This data can be used for statistical surveying, overviews, information mining, and other purposes. When undertaking social science research, SPSS can be a helpful tool for data analysis.

Helps in Data Transformation:

You can use SPSS to modify the format of the data. For effective data management, SPSS includes the same data type in one location after changing it. Different forms of information can be embedded within SPSS, which will alter its composition based on the framework’s specifics and prerequisites.

Robust Data Management Tool:

The outcome of the SPSS is maintained apart from the other data. Or, to put it another way, it contains the data gleaned from numerous papers and indexes. This software speeds up and simplifies information examination because it knows the precise locations of various variables and situations.

Regression Analysis:

Regression Analysis is another vital component of SPSS and a justification for using it. It is used to understand the relationship between dependent and related factors stored in a data record. Additionally, it explains how changing a related variable may affect the dependent data.

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