360 degree branding

360 degree branding advantages and disadvantages

The primary goal of a 360 degree branding is to ensure that the message across all channels is the same. The goal of a 360 degree branding strategy is to keep the consumers engaged. It is an initiative that aims to present the brand in front of the customer in the most holistic manner possible. Its primary aim is to create a brand image which centers on the customer. It is an effective tool to predict the needs of the consumer.

360 degree advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of such a branding strategy are:

  • It combines the best of integrated marketing and web marketing
  • This pattern is versatile and capable of being used across all industries
  • This branding strategy allows you to get as creative as possible
  • Special emphasis is laid on continuous communication with the consumers’ right from the beginning stage that is from product discovery to purchase at different points across multiple devices or in person.

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The only visible disadvantage that can be seen is the over emphasis on brands which can lead to an irksome customer. When the brand is presented in all the levels of the chain, the customer might believe that it is too intrusive and aggressive to say the least.

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