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    Accounting Homework Solutions

    Pender Bearings PTY LTD Question Based on a single cost driver of 20,000 direct labour hours, Pender Bearings Pty Ltd has analysed its factory overhead costs for the following year as:  FixedVariableTotallndirect materials44,00040,00084,000lndirect labour46,00040,00086,000Fueloil18,00020,00038,000Repairs and maintenance10,00015,00025,000Other factory overhead22,0005,00027,000Total140,000120,000260,000 Required: lf Pender Bearings had estimated an activity level of 22,000 direct labour hours, estimate what the amount of the total variable,total fixed and total factory over

    Write a report on the Sales Variance Analysis with revenue analysis , recommendation and conclusion. SAMPLE PAPER : Introduction There are many procedures of doing variance analysis. These methods range from simple and straightforward to the very sophisticated and complex methods.  Variances are divided & sub divided into various categories by the techniques of cost accounting methods. However, a single variance can be

    Question 2 Truck Leasing Company (TLC) buys trucks for leasing to various delivery companies. On October 1, 2010, TLC leases a truck to Showman Delivery Company. The cost of the truck to TLC was $196,110, which approximated its fair value on the lease date. The lease payments stipulated in the lease are $33,000 per year in advance for the 10-year period

    Question 1 Aquarius Incorporated (AI) uses leases as a method of selling its products. In early 2011, AI completed construction of a passenger ferry for use between Manhattan and Staten Island. On April 1, 2011, the ferry was leased to the Manhattan Ferry Line on a contract specifying that ownership of the ferry will transfer to the lessee at the end

    Q1: The distinction between indirect and direct costs depends on: a. whether a cost differs between alternatives.b. whether a cost is variable or fixed.c. whether a cost is a product or a period cost.d. whether a cost can be easily traced to the cost object under consideration. Q2. Which of the following would usually be found on a job cost sheet

    Question 3 Jacks Mining and Manufacturing Company (JMMC) leases from Emily Leasing Company three machines under the following operating lease terms: Machine 1: Lease period – 10 years, beginning April 1, 2005; lease peyments-$18,000 per year, payable in advance.Machine 2: Lease period – 10 years, beginning July 1, 2009, lease payments-$30,000 per year, payable in advance.Machine 3: Lease period – 15 years,

    Q11: Clerical costs in the billing department of Craig Company are a mixture of variable and fixed components. Records indicate that average unit processing costs are $0.50 per account processed at an activity level of 32,000 accounts. When only 22,000 accounts are processed, the total cost of processing is $12,500. Assuming that this activity is within the relevant range, at