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Why airlines tickets should be cheaper persuasive speech ? 

why airline tickets should be cheaper persuasive speech

Travel is an integral part of people’s lives. All of us have travelled, are traveling , will travel in future for sure. We travel for various reasons that include business trips, holidays, visiting our loved ones. The necessity of air travel is paramount in today’s world. People are always on the lookout for an opportunity to go to a different state or another country for various reasons. Airline travel is not a seasonal thing as everyday we know several travelers travel across the world. It would be wise to say that travel has become an everyday affair . If not you, some friend or family member or stranger travels every single day. 

Should plane tickets be cheaper ?

Affordable tickets is assured profit

  • Accessible and Affordable airline tickets can change lives – Many people give up their dreams not because of lack of talent but the lack of money to explore career options. A brilliant student has all the chances of losing a research program due to expensive air tickets. Imagine a great student in a marginalized country like Ethiopia. The student might lose an opportunity of attending a one week speciality program just because of expensive flight tickets. An airline ticket might sound trivial but it could be a major hindrance for people to get at the right time at the right place. 


Should air tickets be cheaper

  • Travel improves the economy – Travel definitely improves the economy. Whether it is a tourist or someone on a student or work visa, the person is bound to spend time in that particular state or country. Travel also increases exposure among people across the globe. When airline tickets are cheaper, it will boost the economy even more. 
  • Profits can always be made through volume – It is a rarity to see an international flight with an empty seat. An airline will not run into losses because of empty seats. One can be rest assured of a full house. Therefore reducing the price will ensure that the burden is spread among the travellers. As a matter of fact, reducing the airline ticket cost will make the travel industry more competitive and bring in more revenue as people will not think twice about traveling owing to financial constraints. 
  • Cheaper airline tickets promote tourism – Many travellers avoid travelling to their favorite destinations not because of the cost of living , but the cost that is required to reach the destinations. Sometimes airfares are higher than accommodation and food in a particular country. Reducing the ticket price will bring a win-win situation to both the airline and the respective countries. 

Fly high

Opportunities are present throughout the world. The world has shrunk, thanks to the advent of technology and the internet. An affordable air ticket will facilitate people to grab opportunities with both hands and come up in life with flying colors.

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