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Ideas to Improve Online classes

ideas to improve online classes

The world is moving towards Online. This can be seen in all walks of lives. The world is at our fingertips, with the advent of technology. Right from grabbing our favorite food in our favorite restaurants, groceries, vegetables , medicine and all essentials are available online . It is not an understatement to say that Education is also moving towards the online space. Make no mistake, that conventional education will always remain at the top. However we need to embrace changes as online education has become a common thing all over the world that it cannot be overlooked at all. We need to understand the pros and cons of online education in order to know the areas that we can improve so that learning is comprehensive and holistic. 

what to do to improve online classes ?

  • Understand the difference between Online education and conventional education – The physical presence of the teacher is the biggest positive of conventional education. Though one can conduct live classes online, this is no replacement for the physical presence of a professor. On the other hand, this should not hamper the process of teaching if one understands the wide range of options that Online education provides. 
  • Make the classes interactive – The advantage of online classes is that it is not restricted to just a piece of chalk and board. Think of interactive ways to engage the students. This includes audio video presentations, powerpoint presentations, simulations and self help quizzes. A teacher can explain a complex concept ina short film like presentation. This is a common feature in all classes , wherein the teachers engage themselves in making audio video content that is not only engaging but educative as well. 
  • Clarity is the key – Students can lose focus if they do not receive proper directions. It is imperative to have a syllabus schedule that needs to be religiously followed. Ensure that students actively engage in assignments and projects which will keep them occupied throughout the duration of the course. 

Ways to improve online classes during pandemic

ways to improve online classes during pandemic

The Pandemic has been difficult to handle for people across the globe. Students might feel the extra pinch since college education is a critical part of one’s career. However it is important to be grateful to things that we have at our disposal. The Internet is such a wonderful tool that can facilitate constant learning irrespective of the external situation. Teachers need to be sensitive about the pandemic situation and the students need to adapt to the constant changes as well. Both teachers and the students should ensure that their mental health is looked after during the pandemic. Since human interactions have considerably come down, it is important to have discussions online wherein students can discuss or debate about a topic . This could be in the form of discussion forums as well as live interactions. Learning should be fun and not be stressful during these challenging times. Lectures in the form of short films, interactive tools like 2d animation can make learning a wonderful experience. 

Suggestions to Improve Online classes

The ABCD of suggestions: 

A – Appropriate planning of course schedule and study schedule is the need of the hour for both the teachers and the students

B – Balanced way of teaching that includes using multiple methods and platforms to teach a concept. Balance in assigning homework to students facilitates better learning. A combination of discussions, assignments, research papers and presentations not only provides variety but equips the student in various aspects of education. 

C – Clarity and communication is a two way traffic. Both teachers and students should engage in proper communication with each other. Announcements need to be given beforehand so a student can devise a study schedule according to his/her time and availability. The student should also be prompt in informing the teacher if there is a delay in submission.

D- Desire to study must never cease. A good student should never give excuses to give up education. Whatever may be the external factors, one should always be dedicated and pursue education with passion and discipline. 

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