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    Chemistry Assignment Help   Chemistry is not restricted to labs or volatile substances. Whatever the sense organs feel is related to chemistry and chemicals, that is matter. Right from cooking to washing vessels to cleaning your car, chemistry can be found in every aspect of our lives. Chemistry is a part of physical science.  We provide Chemistry assignment help in all the

    LO82   SQ1 The Peak integration Give H =1+2+3+(6+1)+9 =22 It has O=5 and 2 un-saturation so CnH(2n-2)O5 So calculating n we get n=12 so the molecular formula is C12H22O5 Now The molecule show 2 tautomeric forms since it involve oxygen So it would be Keto enol tautomer. Further the molecule Has Most of the H atom in Upfield So ((6+1)+ 9))=16 H atom in