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    Corporate Finance Homework Solutions

    Harding Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains Eco Friendly Heating Systems for hotels. Their most recent financial statements are set out below: Statement of Financial Position as at 31 December 2019  ASSETS€000 Non-Current Assets Plant and Equipment832.80 Motor Vehicles279.90 1112.70 Current Assets Inventories439.80 Trade Receivables765.45 Cash at Bank27.60 1232.85 Total Assets2345.55  EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Equity €1.50 Ordinary Shares600.00 General Reserve78.30 Retained Earnings570.30 1248.60 Non - Current Liabilities 12% Loan Notes375.00  Current Liabilities Trade Payables625.95 Tax96.00 721.95 Total Equity and Liabilities2345.55  Income Statement for the year ended 31