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    Economics Assignment Help is offered with the help of specialized tutors in the subject. Economics plays an important role in our society and the scope of economics in today's world is really vast. Students who opt for economics as their primary or secondary course in colleges will be tested with a range of assignments. The purposes of the assignments given

    Marginal Utility for any product Answer 1) A Company/Country enjoys an absolute advantage in producing a product if it can produce that product at a lower price or at higher productivity in comparison to other companies/countries. While a company/country enjoys a comparative advantage in the production of a good if it can produce the good at a lower opportunity cost when

    Impact of labour Unions In a work environment, the Employers and the workers have varied approaches. This is resorted on a common platform with the help of Labour Unions. Labour Unions help in negotiating with the corporations, businesses and other organizations on behalf of union members. They are the representatives of the workers & help them to achieve their rights. They also

    1.     The long run average cost curve is U-shaped. This means that initially firms realize economies of scale as they start producing more output. However, as the output increases beyond a certain point, at the bottom of the “U”, there are constant returns to scale for a while. Ultimately, as the output extends further, above the flat part of “U”, there

    Re: Week 1 DQ 1 Val Castillo Thu 05/24/2012 11:15 PM   Issue#1 You make some good points (see below in italic) about the company having some duty to their US employees. What about the company's duty as a fiduciary to the shareholders of the company's stock? If they could increase stock prices in the long run and lower overall costs of their products for

    Question 1 Which of the following would be classified as a personal consumption expenditure? Answer All of the following. Your purchase of a newly constructed house Your purchase of a preowned house. Your purchase of one share of Microsoft stock. Your purchase of this economics course. 1 points Question 2 Increased production, but not increased inflation, will result in higher: Answer nominal GDP. money GDP. real GDP. current dollar GDP. 1 points Question 3 GDP includes: Answer the negative attributes