How to Make Biology Interesting

Biology by itself is one of the most interesting subjects to teach and learn. There is always a curiosity to learn about ourselves. This makes biology an important as well as interesting department in science. 

  • Visual and Multimedia – Thanks to the advent of technology there are wonderful apps and videos exclusively for biology. Using these tools helps to a great extent for studying as well as teaching.  A diagram of a cell could be presented in 3d animation and it could inspire the students to learn more about it. 
  • Biology and Everyday life – Biology is relatable for every day of the year. The entire universe is based on biological concepts. There could be an exclusive session in the class for discussions on the latest developments on DNA, medicine field etc. 
  • Career – The potential and job opportunities of biology students should be constantly discussed. Some may not even know about certain job designations.  Successful people in the field can be called over for an interactive session with the students. 
  • Field trips – A visit to a nearby farm or a zoo can inspire students to pursue their career in biology. It also gives practical exposure and hands on experience of the subject.

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