Operational Planning

What Roles do Policies and Procedures play in Operational Planning ?

Policies and Procedures are important aspects in operational planning. They provide a road map for the organizations to flourish. Policies and Procedures are important for decision making.  It gives a rational platform to make the right decisions at the right time. Policies and Procedures are vital for the following reasons

  • Gives clarity – Policies and Procedures give a crystal clear picture of what is required in operational planning. It gives the employee a clear picture of the organization’s expectations and also the expectations of the employees . Clarity and communication are important aspects in Operational planning. 
  • Law – Policies and Procedures give clear rules with respect to abiding the law. It gives a clear picture of what is legal ,the code of conduct and ethics. Workplace safety is an integral part of any organization in today’s scenario. When the policies and procedures are followed, a smooth workflow is ensured in any company or organization. 
  • An opportunity for employees to seek help –  A well drafted policy and properly followed procedure helps in solving the queries and problems of the Employees. It is paramount to address the grievances of the employees yet at the same time it is important that the employees follow the rules and regulations laid out but the organization.

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