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Assignmentstore offers Online IELTS TRAINING .The International English Language Testing System, IELTS is required for students as well as immigration .

Candidates looking to get in to universities in UK and other countries with English as their native language and for people looking for job opportunities as well in those countries.

There are four stages in which IELTS is conducted.

A student is assessed on a thirty minute IELTS Listening test, an hour long IELTS Reading test, an hour long IELTS Writing test and a fourteen minute IELTS Speaking test.

An overall score of 7.0 and above is considered good. The high quality and fair testing system has rendered IELTS a reliable one among the universities where English is the language of communication.

Online help

Lack of the right resources like books, equipment and a teacher to guide can come in the way of effective learning and success. Here in Assignmentstore, we offer online IELTS training to help candidates get entry into their preferred universities. We can boast of a team of experts that have years of experience teaching IELTS. We have come up with a fully formed lesson plan to cater to individual needs of students at varying levels. We have developed multiple strategies and resources to suit different requirements as we are aware that ‘one size fits all’ approach will not get the desired results. Time management is another area that candidates have to focus on. Being organized and getting started on practice tests are crucial to attain success. Therefore, being disciplined can definitely maximize the use of time in becoming more productive. Assignmentstore can offer expert guidance in rectifying your errors by providing practice tests so that you can incorporate those to better your skills.

Developing the required skills

Candidates will be taught to learn to listen. Understanding different accents can be challenging as the intonation of words can change the way they are pronounced, affecting the accent. As listening is key to improve a language, conscious effort will be put to help them with the sounds, context and pronunciation. They will be guided to listen to different recordings to familiarize them with the different accents.

  • Techniques such as skimming and scanning will be taught to improve the speed while reading big chunks of text.
  • This enables them to locate the right information to answer the question. They will also be trained to read between the lines for better comprehension.

The ability to connect the dots, interpret the opinions to make inferences and to predict reflections will improve their score in the reading test.

When it comes to writing, effective use of vocabulary and grammar is of utmost importance. Paraphrasing is essential to avoid losing marks. The candidates will be familiarized with different graphs and tables and will be encouraged to make their own charts and graphs based on the information at hand. They will be taught to identify the key features from the similarities and differences that they have deduced, to write an overview. They will be made aware of the marking rubric based on various criteria that can impact their scores. Speaking requires focus on intonation, pronunciation and speed and they need to be assessed by a teacher based on these parameters.

Our assurance

Without regular assessments to check where they stand, they may be unaware of their weaknesses. Proper assessments help to pinpoint the flaws that stop them from reaching their best. Hence, assessment is paramount to ascertain the level and progress. There is no doubt, as the saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect’.  However, we at Assignmentstore can step in with our expertise to guide you to tackle every section in the exam. We are result oriented. We strive to make our candidates achieve optimal proficiency. Our services are offered to the candidates at a high quality and an affordable price.


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