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    Students Corner

    How to be a brilliant student in college? Every student aspires to be the best student in the class.  Brilliance is not a natural phenomenon. It can be cultivated with constant practice and determination. Be responsible – A brilliant students needs to be responsible in the first place. Make sure that you never skip any classes whatever the reasons may be.

    The nature and importance of leadership A good leader can have a huge impact on the growth of an organization. Leadership is the most sought after quality in any organization. Every company aspires to have a great leader at the help who can steer the steer the ship amidst turbulence. Every day is challenging and new problems are to be encountered. 

    How to Stay in Hostel without Parents? Family is an important part of a man’s life. For any youngster their parents are role models. All of us are attached to our parents. It is a tough task to stay away from then and stay in a hostel. We are used to living as a family under one roof so it could

    How to live in hostel? Living in hostel is a challenging task. Before going to a hostel it is important to understand the nature of a hostel. It would be prudent to gather knowledge about a hostel functions. It could be extremely beneficial if one engages in a conversation with someone who is used to living in a hostel. This could