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It is one of the most important subjects in Mathematics. The pioneers of Modern Calculus are Issac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

However India, Greece , Middle East and China had elements of Calculus much before the advent of Modern Calculus, which is said to have blossomed in the seventeenth century.

Calculus is referred to as the ‘Mathematical Study of Continuous Change’. The two branches of Calculus are Integral Calculus and Differential Calculus. Application of Calculus is widespread and fields such as Science, Engineering and Economics use the principles of Calculus.

As far as Mathematical Education is Concerned, Calculus is introduced in high school and it is also one of the most significant subjects in Undergraduate to Post Doctorate level . 

Impact of Calculus and its Application 

  • Every branch of Physical Science makes use of Calculus . 
  • Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism are linked with the help of Calculus. 
  • Calculus is used in Newton’s Second Law or Motion. 
  • Differential Calculus is employed to express the Relativity theory of Einstein and Maxwell’s theory of Electromagnetism. 
  • Calculus is also used in the field of Medicine. Dosing laws are derived with the help of Calculus. 
  • Maximal Profit is determined with the help of Calculus as it helps in deriving the Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue without any difficulty.

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