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College admission essay help

What is a college admission essay?

Wondering what you will write in your college or university application essay? Worry not. got your back. Getting admission at your dream University or college is very competitive today.

Here are some pointers 😐

  • It requires you to stand out from your competitors in all respects.
  • A persuasive application essay will give you an edge and increase your chances of landing that slot that thousands of applicants are aiming for.

Some universities and colleges have very low acceptance rates. So, they filter the applicants right from the first stage. To multiply your chances of moving to the next recruitment phase, your application essay must stand out.

Why are the admission essays important?

Once you are through with high school, the next phase of your life would be enrolling for college or university education. For the working class, there comes a time when you feel that it is time to advance your studies further by acquiring a master’s degree from a recognized university.

  • Writing a college admission essay is imperative for all applicants.
  • The essays are instruments of persuading the admission committees to consider your application.

The college admission essays vary from one college to another, and they vary from one university to another. On some occasions, the institutions change the essay questions.

Can someone help you with writing your admission essay?

Yes. It takes skills and creativity to come up with distinctive essays. You may have doubts about the quality of your essays. Or you can’t remember the last time you wrote an essay upon graduating from campus. Definitely, you will need help writing your essay so that it can stand out and impress the admissions committee.

The admission committee will pay attention to all the details you include in your letter; it is imperative that you do not write a letter just for the sake of writing. You must write something compelling, and at, we can lend you a hand in writing that application essay.

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What are the main components of your college or university application?

Mostly the colleges and universities will look at your high school GPA, college GPA, work experience and referral letters. Besides, being talented in fields such as sports will give you an advantage in your application. Nevertheless, the application essay is very central in selling you as an applicant. It is worthy investing in so that once the admission committee has looked at it, it will be encouraged to continue looking at your other credentials.

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How do I get help with the application essay?

At, we help college and university applicants to write and revise these letters. The letters incorporate all the significant milestones in the learner’s academic and professional life.  Once you seek our help, we link you directly with a helper who will write your application letter exactly how you want it. You supply information about your past achievements, and most of the information is usually in the curriculum vitae.

  • After that, the helper will draft a letter and share it with you to read through it and establish whether it meets your criteria.
  • The answers provided in the essays are based on your experiences as an individual, not on the helper’s experience.

You can provide an outline of the structure you would like to follow, details of short term and long-term goals, and specific examples about your job experiences that should be included in the letter.

The helpers do not imagine things to write about you. You supply all the information, and we convert it into a flowing essay.

  • Here at, we have helpers who have specialized in the writing of academic essays.
  • Therefore, highly personalized essays are unique to every applicant.
  • Once you have been assigned a helper, the helper will attend to all your requirements and ensure that all the letters are edited before submission.


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