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What are Online Quizzes/Tests?

If you are reading this post now, you surely know that you will be required to take an online test that will be contributory to the final grade in your online course.  With the proliferation of online courses; tests that would normally be done in traditional face to face classes have shifted online too.  Some courses require the tests to be taken weekly; others require online tests for midterm and final exams only. Online Tests can be tricky, especially those that are timed.

Type of online courses

Timed versus Untimed

The timed quizzes are open for a specific time. At the end of the scheduled time, the tests close automatically, whether you have answered all questions or not. The untimed quizzes are not restricted; learners can take them as long as they want to complete them.

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Structured versus Unstructured versus Blended

Structured questions have specific answers from which you select the right answer. The unstructured questions require you to write answers in the form of short essays, which are expected to be original; otherwise, you will get zero for plagiarism. There are blended tests that contain both structured and unstructured essays.

Can I pay someone to take a test for me ?

The answer is Yes ! You can pay someone to take a test for you . Here is more information for you to read and contact us !

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Can I pay a tutor to do an online test for me?

It is possible to have someone do the tests for you if you feel not ready for them. We offer online test services to learners taking online courses. We ensure that you score highly on these tests so that your final grade will not be impacted. We do quizzes in a range of subjects: English, Geography, Sociology, History, Finance, Economics, Music, Psychology, Linguistics, Literature, Biology, Art, Business, and Accounting, among others.

Where can I find someone to take a test for me ?

You have come to the right place and we have experts to handle your tests . Just discuss your requirements online . You can connect with us on Whatsapp and we will guide you through !

Will it be worth it to hire someone to do quizzes on my behalf?

Yes. Having your online quizzes done by an expert will improve your grades. For the unstructured questions, original essays will be written from scratch on your behalf.

While we do your quizzes, you can relax and not worry about not managing to complete an online test before the system locks it.

The amounts we charge are affordable, even for the complex tests.

We guarantee A scores for your online tests.

So instead of staying worried about what to expect in an online quiz or how to answer it, seek our services, and your quiz will be completed in no time.

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