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What is Statement of Purpose?

Colleges and universities expect students to submit a statement of purpose (SOP) along with the transcripts. The statement of purpose provides a great opportunity to impress the admissions committee as it helps to get a deeper understanding of the capabilities and interests of an applicant. It has three sections such as introduction, main body and conclusion.

  • The SOP reflects the applicant’s personality, background and key achievements that have sowed the seeds of passion to pursue the preferred course.
  • The ideal length of an SOP is four thousand characters.

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Importance of SOP             

SOP enables the admissions committee to assess if the candidate is a right fit for the graduate program that he/she has applied. Hence, it is a valid document in the selection procedure to convince the admissions committee that the applicant is eligible for the course. This is a place to address any defects and inadequacies in the academic records. It provides an opportunity to explain how you overcame the obstacles to turn negatives into positives. It helps to showcase your persistence and resilience in the pursuit of your goals thereby highlighting your transformation into a better scholar and person. Your past accomplishments and present and future goals are a matter of concern to the university. Your motivation and passion to inch forward as well as your knowledge about the course and the university is gauged. The trick to get selected is to grab the attention of the admissions committee and to influence them.

  • Students generally repeat the same mistake of converting the samples available online.
  • This is a sure-fire way of getting rejected as it lacks authenticity.
  • The idea of submitting an SOP is to convince them that you have the potential to succeed if selected.

Steps to Connect

Points to remember

You have to ensure that you stick to the length, format and tone expected. Your writing should exude positivity and should be focused. You should ensure that you follow the instructions to the tee as there are various programs with different requirements. The essay should highlight only the academic background and future possibilities and not personal details.

  • You need to pay close attention to details such as content, style and grammar.
  • It matters a lot to proofread before sending.
  • Proficiency in English and communication is very vital.
  • All these require a flawless, professional approach to acquire a competitive edge over a pool of aspirants with similar expertise and achievements.

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Purpose of hiring us

Our writers will collect all the essential details such as academic achievements, your progress in life, motivation to select a particular course, interests, future goals and other attributes that define your personality before initiating the process. We try to incorporate only the relevant information by removing the chaff from the grain and these details when put succinctly will benefit you to stay ahead of the race. We strive to strike a balance between bragging and presenting the facts. We are well versed with the nitty-gritty of writing a solid SOP.

We assure you to provide a personalized SOP to demonstrate your identity in a unique way. Our vast experience of creating SOP’s to acclaimed universities has enriched us to provide foolproof solutions that guarantee admission to the preferred university despite a stiff competition. We bring genuineness while crafting an SOP that is custom-made for each client. Our expert writers have the know-how to compensate the deficiencies in your past records and to justify your future plans thereby giving a chance for the toughest profiles as well.

  • We work round-the-clock to serve you. As creating an SOP requires some serious thought and an eye for detail, it is advisable to be ready well in time.
  • Once the task is entrusted to us, we will deliver the final draft of your SOP within 24 hours.
  • However, under no circumstances will we ever compromise on quality despite our quick deliverance.

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