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Trigonometry – a branch of Mathematics

Study of Mathematics is a complex area. There are many branches in Mathematics and trigonometry is one among them. Students need to analyze all the branches of Mathematics extensively to organize their concepts clearly. This aids to develop a deeper understanding of all the concepts. The knowledge thus acquired will help them to decide on their preferred career based on their preferred choice of the branch of Mathematics.

  • Some of the main branches of Mathematics are algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, and so on.
  • Each branch mentioned above has a set of unique features with distinct concepts that differentiates between them.
  • Students are expected to be good at all these areas in order to develop a strong foundation for Mathematics.

Benefits of trigonometry

Trigonometry is all about measurements of triangles. It is used to calculate the length and distance using the measurements of angles and sides of a triangle. This branch of Mathematics comes under applied Mathematics. Plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry are the two types of trigonometry. Initially, over two thousand years ago when our planet was considered to be at the center of the universe, trigonometry was used in the field of astronomy to perform mathematical calculations. It is also used in geography and navigation.

After the initial application of trigonometry to spheres, application to planes also gained significance. It is used widely in all branches of Physics. Primarily, the application of trigonometry is widely used to calculate lengths and distances.

However, the unique feature of trigonometry is the ability to find out difficult measurements such as the height of a mountain.

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Wide range of applications

The extensive array of applications of trigonometry is mind-boggling. Oceanographers use it to study the tide change, architects use it to calculate the structural loads and roof slopes, civil and mechanical engineers use it to calculate the torque and force on objects while constructing bridges and building girders. Musical studios use trigonometry concepts to make the song sound smooth and even.

Aerospace engineers use the concepts to figure out the strength of the materials to be used that can withstand a certain force. Electrical engineers use these principles to create circuits. Development of video games and crime scene investigations also benefit from trigonometry.

Other fields that use trigonometric principles and functions include statistics, medical imaging, radar systems, automobiles, data entry and seismology to name a few.

Trigonometry can tackle many real world problems.

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Career opportunities galore

From the applications of trigonometry mentioned above, it is evident that there is no dearth of career opportunities for students who are well versed in trigonometry. They can make a mark in any career they choose. Learning trigonometry improves a person’s analytical and critical thinking skills. There will always be a demand for people with such skills.

Why do students look for help?

The abstract nature of trigonometry makes learning the subject difficult for students.

  • Once the students memorize the basic formulas and values, repeated practice will make learning trigonometry easy.
  • Hence, understanding the basic concepts is crucial to master it.

Where to look for help?

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