Leadership and Management

10  Similarities between Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management should go inseparably as they are very similar and are complementary to each other. In an organisation or business, the leadership influnces and helps individuals and the management handles or manages these individuals. Leadership joined by the management sets a vision and utilizes assets to accomplish it. This means employees can assess their behaviors based on expectations of both management and leadership. Both being definitive jobs, have the capacity to successfully cooperate with other  individuals and involve working with them to achieve goals.

10 Similarities between Leadership and Management

With Leadership conveying and management delivering the vision, both make the establishment of  strong foundation and organised structure. Leadership along with management sets new direction and utilizes assets to accomplish it. They both have the same end goal to maximize profilt and build strong bottom line for the business.

Without a strong organizational structure, even leaders with the most splendid thoughts may achieve pretty much nothing. They are both two countenances of a similar coin as Leadership glances in to the future and the management works in the present with goal accomplishment as their objective. Both Leadership and Management are essential elements of organizational achievements where they work to actively identify what needs to be done, aligning resources and people and help achieving deliverables.

With requirement of a broad range of skills, patience and empathy to deal with conflicting situations, they both work hand in hand to effectively and efficiently use available resources.

If management is the act of pushing any business successfully up a slope,  leadership is the selection of that slope and then being first up it to urge the organization to follow. If leadership qualities is an objective, management heads to the direction. With primary focus on the same vision, Leadership pulls and management pushes. Both being influencer are important to be fruitful.

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