Orientation Program

Objectives of orientation program

The idea behind orientation is to train the new entrants, in any field, to adapt easily and effectively to the new environment. Such programs are customized to fit specific job descriptions. This provides them confidence to function efficiently as it brings clarity to the roles they are expected to play in an organization. It also helps them in understanding the culture, future goals and the set-up and procedures that are in place in the organization of which they are a part. It aids in reducing the anxiety levels of the new employees thereby making them deliver quick and quality work. The warmth that the orientation program provides makes them feel appreciated and respected. In short, it makes the transition smooth as they are introduced to their co-workers and higher authorities as well. This brings in a level of comfort in future communications with them.

Structured Nature of the Orientation Program

The orientation program is a structured one that may last a few days. It provides information on various learning methodologies through presentations and audio visuals, policies, clients, terms and conditions and mandatory trainings. Leaflets and booklets are handed out to reinforce the contents of the seminars conducted. The employees are even briefed on the wages, bonuses, leaves, rewards and other remunerations and promotion procedures.

Opportunities in Orientation Program

The orientation program helps to know the varied opportunities and facilities such as subsidized canteen, transport and places for recreation that are available within the organization.  It feeds positivity and motivates the employee to give his best. It benefits the employee and the organization as well.

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