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HTML – A brief description

HyperText Markup Language is the full form of HTML. It is used in the construction of web pages. It is a formatting system that helps to retrieve and display material over the internet. Each unit retrieved is known as the web page.

Each web page includes hypertext links that permits retrieval of related web pages. Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript are the technologies that are used to create a web page.

  • It is a group of codes and symbols. Without HTML the structure of a website cannot be made.
  • Hence, it is considered the backbone of web development.
  • The codes embedded in the plain text make the web pages appealing and interesting.

What are the Benefits of HTML ? 

HTML is used in web development because it is available for free. It is easy to understand and simple to use. It is supported by all browsers. It is also supported by majority of the development tools irrespective of whether they are free or paid. Insertion of texts, videos, images and other media elements into the web pages is made possible using HTML language. A web page consists of titles, headings and body.

  • There are various HTML tags and they vary in the way they behave.
  • Navigation is made possible and easy between web pages and websites by the concept of hypertext.
  • Nowadays, HTML is used extensively and has become quite sophisticated over time.

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html and css homework help

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