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Corporate accounting in brief

Corporate accounting helps organizations prepare final accounts and cash flow statements. It enables them to analyze and interpret the financial results for various events like absorption, amalgamation, and consolidated balance sheets and so on.

  • Large organizations and partnerships require corporate accountants to manage their business.
  • There are a plethora of opportunities in the corporate sector for successful corporate accountants.

Role of a corporate accountant

The corporate accountants are expected to maintain financial records and to ensure complete compliance with the regulations and policies of the company. Their job is pivotal to the growth of the organization as they need to keep track of revenue and expenses, balance the books, execute payroll and pay the bills. They are entrusted the job of budget preparation so that every department in the organization has enough funds to spend and meet with their financial goals year after year.

  • It guides the executives to make informed financial decisions which in turn will benefit the overall growth of the company.
  • This calls for efficient planning and well-defined working structure.
  • They also have the responsibility to run audits to verify if the departments have managed within their budgets and if the company has met the goals set previously.

Requisites to become a corporate accountant

A corporate accountant is expected to have mastered topics such as Accounting Principles and Conventions, Shares and Debentures, Issue of  Debentures, Redemption of Debentures, Company Amalgamations, Accounting Standards and Valuation of Goodwill to name a few. Hence, they not only focus on money but are also involved in the allocation of resources such as raw materials and inventory. In short, they should be competent managers capable of lowering inefficiencies and increasing the profit margins of the company.

Challenges faced by students

Accounting assignments can be quite challenging even for the most diligent students. As there are frequent changes in tax strategies, the area of taxation needs a lot of research to comply with appropriate corporate accounting conditions. For a student to come out with flying colors, he has to secure high grades. An extensive knowledge of the various topics is essential to prepare an accounting assignment.  The complex subjects of the accounting course make assignment completion a nightmare.

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