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do my excel homework

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In recent days, gaining computer knowledge has become a mandatory thing for students.

Learning the basics of computer and computer-related applications and software becomes essential for them.

Besides the science students, it is also essential for commerce and arts students to learn about different computer applications like MS Excel.

  • Most of the time, your lecturers assign you different types of homework and assignments related to excel.
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What is Microsoft Excel?

Let us first understand how we can define MS Excel.

MS Excel is a Microsoft application and spreadsheet program where we can record data in tabular form. It is used to save and analyze numerical data. The horizontal cells in the spreadsheet are called rows, and the vertical cells are called columns.

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What are the Features of MS Excel ?

We can edit and format using an excel spreadsheet with different features.

Let’s look at the essential features of excel.


The Home section includes options like font color, font size, font styles, background color, alignment, formatting options, and insert and delete the cells.


The Insert section comprises various options such as table format and style, the addition of graphs and charts, header and footer options, equations, symbols, etc.

Page Layout:

We can find different themes, orientations, and page setups in the page layout section.


Using Excel, we can create tables that contain a large amount of data. Using formulas, we can perform different operations on the available data.


You may write comments in this Data section after proofreading an excel sheet (using a feature similar to spell check).


Using the View section, we may adjust the various views we wish to present in the spreadsheet. Under this area, you can choose how to zoom in and out and organize the panes.

Remember that you should keep the features mentioned above in mind before you start using an excel application.

What are the advantages of using EXCEL ? 

MS Excel is extensively used for a variety of reasons since it is simple to preserve data and add and remove information with no effort.

Let us see the various benefits you can derive from using the MS Excel application.

Easy for storing any data:

MS Excel is frequently used to store or analyze data because there is no restriction on the amount of information that can be recorded in a spreadsheet. Information filtering is simple and practical by using the Excel application.

Data recovery is easy:

Using Excel, you can find the information quickly without any delay, which is not possible with manual or written records. It is simple to locate and retrieve data at any given time.

Applying mathematical formulae is easy:

Using MS Excel, we can apply a plethora of mathematical formulae to a large amount of data we have with us. It makes our tasks so easier that we can do any mathematical calculations in a fraction of a second.

Clear visualization of the information:

In Excel, the data is saved in the form of tables, and analyzing is much easier.

Hence, the data in the table becomes easier to read and understand.

Daily life applications of MS Excel

In the rapidly developing world, the application of MS Excel has become inevitable in various fields.

Let us see where we can use MS Excel in our daily life.

Analyzing business information:

MS Excel can convert business data into easily understandable data such as banking details, sales details, daily spending, etc.

For example, you can find the sales data of a particular week that records lower product sales.

Office administrative activities

  • MS Excel is a great tool to enter, store and retrieve the crucial administrative data of a company.
  • It maintains information such as invoicing, bill payments, and other activities.

Project management:

The projects generally start with a budget having a start and end date.

Using Excel, you can keep track of the different activities related to a project and its status.

Usage of Excel in different subjects

Due to its wide array of applications, Excel can be used in different courses and subjects.

  • Mathematics: Excel is commonly used for arithmetic and numerical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other complex functions.
  • Statistics: Excel is used to represent statistical information such as pie charts and bar charts and to perform operations like mean mode and median etc.
  • Accounting: Excel also plays a vital role in accounting to carry out basic bookkeeping activities, maintain sales data, generate invoices, pay bills and prepare other financial reports.
  • Research: Excel is also used in the field of research to enter and maintain the research data. It is used to perform simple statistical and plotting functions to help gain insight into their data.

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