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    English Homework Solutions

    1. Who was most influential in your development as a reader and writer? Why? 2. What type of books do you generally read? 3. What would you consider some of the most important events in your life involved in reading and writing? why are these events so important to you? 4. Which of the topics generally attract you ? 5. How you have developed

    Content 60 PercentPoints Available 9Points Earned X/9Additional Comments:Identify the emerging trend you selected.Clearly identify the considerations of HIPAA privacy and security rules and the reasons those rules do or do not apply to the emerging technology.   Organization/Development 20 PercentPoints Available 3Points Earned X/3Additional Comments:The presentation is 5- to 7- Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in length and it includes detailed speaker notes.The introduction

    Q: which sentence needs quotation marks added to be correct Ans: What are you talking about, Marcus? Asked Shelby is the sentence where quotation marks have to be added. Q: select the antecedent of the pronoun in the following sentence Ans: The antecedent of the pronoun “their” is representatives. Q: poor grammar and sentence skills can Ans: Decrease the capacity of the author/writer, can be

    Questionnaire 1a. Do you think that building permits and other rules and regulations improve the trade relations ? Yes No 1b.  what are the constraints that you can think of come in the way of building such permits? 1c. What are the expenses involved in building such? Can you quantify that? 1d.  Do you think that steps like these really hinder the growth which could be