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GOOD ORAL PRESENTATION A good oral presentation can inspire and motivate the audience in the right channel. What you deliver and how you deliver are the most important aspects of good oral presentation. Preparation is the key factor for good oral presentation. Channelize your thoughts – Presentation should have a good flow with the right amount of time dedicated to topics

DISADVANTAGES OF FACE TO FACE LEARNING Choosing the right form of learning is important for the academic growth of student. Though face to face learning is the traditional form of learning, this article is to show the downside of face to face learning. Cost – Face to face learning is an expensive form of learning. This is not the case with

NATURE OF LEADERSHIP DEFENITION Leadership is the most sought after skill in all walks of life. A good captain in a soccer team can inspire the players to perform better. A good president of a nation can change the fate of the nation. The same applies to companies and organization. A leader is considered to be a nucleus of a group.

Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism essay Some individuals are of the opinion that Buddhism and Hinduism are same religion with varying names. However, the fact of the matter is that both these religions differ in various aspects including founders, holidays and rituals.   Both these religions of Buddhism and Hinduism have loads of information including culture, rituals and practices

Self-Esteem Assignment   The act of self-evaluation and self-appreciation is self-esteem. The perception of one’s worth, derived from his thoughts, feelings and actions determines one’s self-esteem. Childhood experiences play a major role in the development of self-esteem. The interactions one has during his growing years with his parents, siblings, teachers, friends and neighbourhood has a profound impact on one’s self-esteem. Hence, the

Transactional model of communication Transactional mode of communication is all about how thoughts are conveyed between individuals. The roles of the individuals are not fixed as it has the potential to exchange roles in a conversation. Since the individuals are both senders and receivers at the same time, the transactional mode of communication mentions them as communicators. Communication can be verbal

  Differentiate between microeconomics and macroeconomics   Microeconomics deals with matters that are relatively smaller in scale. It pertains to independent people, companies and so on, whereas macroeconomics deals with various factors that make an impact nationally and globally. Microeconomics is the study of markets based on buying and selling of goods. Market analysis is done to ascertain the interplay between demand and

Corporate Social responsibility advantages and disadvantages Corporate Social Responsibility makes a company socially accountable. An organization can impact various aspects like environment, the people, workers and the political scenario of a nation. The organization has to respect these effects. Every Individual has a social responsibility. Every society has social responsibilities. The same holds true for Corporate/ Organizations.   Advantages of Corporate Social Responsibility

Why students procrastinate? Procrastination can be a detrimental factor in the life of a student. This problem can lead to bigger problems if not addressed in the infant stage itself. Now to address the problem of procrastination, we need to dwell into the reasons for procrastination. Forgetfulness – This is a big issue among the students. Due to their hectic schedule

How to develop speaking skills in public? Public speaking is an art by itself. They can create a huge impact in the society. Who can ever forget the famous “Friends, Romans and countrymen” by Mark Antony, which led the crowd to go against the killers of Julius Caesar? We all wish to be good orators in our lives. We need to