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    English homework answers

    Q: which sentence needs quotation marks added to be correct

    Ans: What are you talking about, Marcus? Asked Shelby is the sentence where quotation marks have to be added.

    Q: select the antecedent of the pronoun in the following sentence

    Ans: The antecedent of the pronoun “their” is representatives.

    Q: poor grammar and sentence skills can

    Ans: Decrease the capacity of the author/writer, can be misleading and can change the entire interpretation of the sentence.

    Q:  why did airhead eat the dollar he brought to school?

    Ans: Airhead ate the dollar because it was the money he had brought to buy lunch for himself.

    Q: when creating writing plan which of the following should come first?

    Ans: 1. Content/material that will capture the reader’s attention

    2. a brief description of what the essay is about

    3. The first paragraph of the essay

    4. Small introduction of the conclusion

    Q: which situation would most likely create tension in a story

    Ans: option D- Dave’s flight has been cancelled and he might miss the birth of his son. This situation is likely to cause tension in the story.

    Q:  why did airhead eat the dollar he brought to school?

    Ans: he did so because he had actually got the money to buy lunch for himself but he ate the money instead.