English Homework questions


1a. Do you think that building permits and other rules and regulations improve the trade relations ?



1b.  what are the constraints that you can think of come in the way of building such permits?

1c. What are the expenses involved in building such? Can you quantify that?

1d.  Do you think that steps like these really hinder the growth which could be achieved without it?

May be

May not be

1 e What are the alternate ways to put a check besides these permits?

2a. Do you wish to write a biography on your lifespan spent here after you retire?



2b. What are your plans on completion of your said biography?

2c. How will you be spending your time after you retire form your working life besides writing a biography?

2d. Are you inspired to write your biography by some great personality? If yes by whom?

2e. Did you wish to include your childhood stories into the biography you are planning to write?



2f. Why do you think people write biographies like this? Do this satisfies their ego?

3 a. Do you think business expenses guidelines play an important role in controlling the expenses predetermined?



3 b. Is it the first instance that you have crossed the limit of expenses within budgeted guidelines



3c. Are you aware that the expenses if not approved beyond what are set as per the guidelines are adjusted against the pay?

3d. Did you take prior approval of the senior management of the expenses you are incurring beyond the guidelines set?

3e. Do you think the organization should compensate the extra expenses incurred by the employee beyond the limit set as per the guidelines? If yes give reasons?

The assignment in Week 6 is to complete Activity #1 on p. 256. For Activity #1, you will need to construct a series of questions (minimum of five questions) for three types of interviews. (Please see Activity #1 for detailed instructions.) Think about the purpose of your interview and your audience and create relevant questions that generate the most information. Please consider the logical sequence (funnel, inverted funnel, or tunnel) of your questions. Please read the section Communication Competence: Asking Effective Questions on pages 219 – 228 for more information on how to construct effective questions.

Here is the Rubric by which these outline assignments will be graded:

Week 6 Assignment: Interview QuestionsPoints PossiblePoints EarnedComments
Scenario 1 – Building Permits15  
Scenario 2 – Biography15  
Scenario 3 – Counsel15  
Sentence Mechanics,  Grammar and Spelling5  
Points Earned50  
Submitted on Timen/a 

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