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Running a global business is a daunting task without the right strategies in place.

Businesses use four common strategies such as international strategy, multi-domestic strategy, global strategy and transnational strategy to expand their business internationally.

Each of these strategies takes into account local responsiveness and global integration. Businesses have to strike a balance between these two pivotal elements to emerge as a successful enterprise.

The key factors for a successful global business strategy

A successful global business strategy relies on three crucial factors, according to Professor Tomas Hult at Michigan State University.

  • The first and the foremost factor is to state in detail the core business strategy.
  • The second factor is to adapt this strategy to different national markets and in the process internationalize the core strategy.
  • The third factor is to check and balance the shortcomings brought about due to the internationalization of the core strategy.

Advantages of an efficient global business strategy

It takes a lot of effort to arrive at a winning global business strategy. However, the benefits of implementing it far outweigh the challenges faced and the time spent in arriving at a successful strategy.

Reduction of cost and product development time and creation of a global product that satisfies customer expectations by incorporating creative inputs from various international teams are some of the benefits of an efficient business strategy.

Students pursuing international business degree have a plethora of career opportunities such as business adviser, management consultant, marketing executive, business analyst, product manager, corporate investment banker to name a few.

They get to work in various locations across the globe such as France, USA, China, Singapore and many more.

Structure of an assignment on Global Business Strategy

Introduction: You start with a brief executive summary of the problem and a non-detailed version of the proposed solution.

Problem statement: Provide more details into the problem including information on the Organization, a brief history of the organization and the conditions that led to the current situation that the organization is facing.

Proposed solution: Provide the details of the proposed solution. Also throw light on the problem solving approach taken and the rationale for choosing the approach.

Expected benefits: Mention what are the expected benefits & advantages from choosing this solution. Close out with the appendices & references section which will give the reader an idea of the literature & academic research underpinning your assignment

Ensure that all the above sections are split into well-crafted paragraphs with appropriate headings which will help in the audience (who will mostly be top Business executives with limited time) in grasping the information quickly and with ease.

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