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International business is one of the important facets in the global economy. Every business as well as commercial transactions between countries fall under International business.

Globalization has enabled tremendous business opportunities across borders. International business is always flourishing , thanks to the phenomenon of International business.

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Why study international business ?

Barriers in trade have been overcome, thanks to the advent of technology and state of the art business ideas.

  • Exchange of any resource between two countries comes under International business.
  • Transfer and exchange of human resource, data and people also come under International business.
  • Right from huge multinational companies to small time importers and exporters, all of them fall under the international business tree.

The twin factors and why it’s important ? 

With respect to international business two entities are extremely important. One is strategic management and the other is entrepreneurship. As the name suggests, strategic management is about strategies. This includes ideation and development of strategies upto execution of the same which is crucial as far as strategic management is concerned. A firm’s performance depends a lot on Strategic management. The most important facet of strategy is the world famous term SWOT. It is known as swot analysis. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats determine the success and failures in international business. The entire international business factor is mounted on the SWOT analysis. Understanding the SWOT analysis of the company is very important. 

Entrepreneurship is identifying appropriate situations, opportunities and chances. It is also about how resources are manufactured or used to execute ingenious ideas for new proposals. An entrepreneur is the one who engages in entrepreneurship.

  • International business keeps the world economy running. 
  • Every country indulges in international business. 
  •  Strategic management and entrepreneurship are two important factors of International business. 
  • SWOT analysis helps in identifying the pros and cons of an organization which helps in the growth of the organization. 

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