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Overview of mythology

Mythology is simply a symbolic narrative. A collection of myths and stories regarding a particular culture, religion, a group of people with similar beliefs and values or a specific person that is not wholly true can be regarded as mythology.

  • Mythology demonstrates the life of people by wrapping it up, which makes myths encircling legendary heroes, gods, demons, war, demigods and so on exaggeratedly and ornately.
  • Although mythology should not be considered to be entirely accurate, it is those vast narratives that describe the life of people in a specific value system which help individuals to learn about the history of that religion or the values system and to understand the beliefs of the people of the same faith in the past.
  • Mythology also portrays the history of a specific demographic location that provides information about the culture of the people inhabiting that place but also the evolution of it. 

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Types of mythology

Mythology can be divided into various types based on different types of myths. Fundamental they can be grouped in four major divisions that are 

  • Historical myths
  • Etiological myths and 
  • Psychological myths
  • Rational myths

Historical myths

Historical myths mainly depict the story of events from the past in an elevated way that adds grandeur and more significant meaning to the actual event that has taken place in history.

  • For example, the ‘Battle of Kurukshetra’ history has been described in such a way that it has added more depth to the actual event.
  • The Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ depicts the battle of Kurukshetra, a struggle between the Pandava and Kaurava brothers.
  • The same can be found in the religious and historical mix of the Abrahamic narrative of the Siege of Troy, the Bible, Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey, or Aeneas’s history in the work of Virgil. 


Etiological myths

Etiological myths explain some elements and their existence from the beginning to its evolution state and this specific type of mythology can be defined to be an origin story. To be precise, the example of Egyptian mythology, the connotation of the sycamore tree and the similarity of its looks with Hathor, the goddess, can be mentioned.

  • The etiological senses in Greek mythology have provided explanations of the world’s ways through Pandora’s Box, which reveals that the opening of the box has resulted in the release of all the evils. It explains the origin of suffering and misery for people in the world and how this came into existence.
  • Norse mythology on the other hand, has depicted the similarities of the chariot of Thor and its race across heaven to that of thunder.
  • Moreover, the mix of Chinese goddess Nuwa was responsible for creating human beings over and over until she found it tiring and introduced the concept of marriage to help humans give them the power to reproduce themselves.
  • Therefore, Etiological myths always explain the purpose of several incidents, and two demonstrate the origin of a particular story.

Psychological myths

Psychological mythology provides current information regarding the mental state of people on the journey from the known to the unknown which represents psychological requirements for balancing out the external and internal world of consciousness.

  • This specific type of mythology has originated from Jung and Campbell Andaman streets, the level of consciousness of individuals. It depicts the stories of myth that are connected with the hero or heroine throughout the journey of discovering their true nature and identity along with their fate.
  • Resolving any issue or crisis with the help of the inner consciousness in order to provide the range of audience with and essential lesson of cultural value is the intention of psychological mythology.
  • The best known classical mythology in the psychological genre can be best demonstrated through Oedipus, the prince who grows up to kill his father has left his life behind travel to some other region and unknown place only to discover that is actual father has abandoned him at the time of his birth to attempt the circumvent for the exact prediction. 

Rational myths 

Rational myth is a type of mythology that helps better understand the natural events of forces that have occurred in people’s daily lives. This particular type helps explain the gods and goddesses who are responsible for several happenings in nature. Examples of this type include the creation of several elements from different cultures. 

Therefore, the specific three types of mythologies are studied by students in various areas to discover the phenomenon’s history, aetiology and psychology. 

Aim and purpose of learning mythology

The aim of studying mythology ultimately is to provide the context of the real world and its history, the origin of literature and its evolution and the specific culture and beliefs of particular groups of people. Studying mythology has the significance of describing the fantastical elements and evaluating the foundational degree of the study. Mythology is beneficial for providing clear understanding regarding several stories including gods and teaching people something meaningful and vital connected with their history. Mythology in the early period mainly was used to teach everyone moral lessons and keep everyone updated about specific religious needs and requirements. 

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