Significance of American Revolution

Assess the significance of the American Revolution, taking into account the original position of the colonists and the United States as it existed after 1783.

Answer : American Revolution has a huge impact on world politics. Revolution was the first of a series of conflicts motivated by men looking to accomplish the ideals of the philosophers of the Enlightenment; life, liberty, and happiness (property). The world was watching America’s struggle with tyranny gave hope to many later generations who strove for freedom in France,
Latin America and other European nations.Socially Americans fought not only for liberty, but for democracy.
Aristocracy was gone from the American colonies that had lasted for 2 centuries. Rule by a few, an established church,
inheritance laws (centuries old) old guild systems of employment and other factors that affected the common folk. It was years before true democracy came to the United States, but it was a landmark moment (the Revolution) for equality among men



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