Difference of views on government between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

Explain the difference of views on government between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. In assessing their views, pay attention to their thoughts on government intervention, foreign alliances, individual rights, financial issues and the significance of the constitution. What effects did their dispute have on the US government that is still seen today?

Answer : The differences between Hamilton and Jefferson were many and large. Alexander Hamilton was in favor of strong center. Hamilton thought that government should be strong and should wield a lot of power on the other Thomas Jefferson believed that states should dominate the political system and political power should come from the bottom up. The conflict between them laid the foundation of strong center in the country.

On the issue of Constitution, Jefferson thought the Constitution was to be taken literally, and if the Constitution didn’t expressly state the power, the government didn’t have it.

Hamilton thought that the Constitution could be taken loosely and implied powers could be used.

On financial issues—Jefferson was in favor of agriculture based economy. He was not in favor industrialization. He believes that country should import manufacturing goods from England or other European nations. On the other hand, Hamilton thought the economy should lean towards urban manufacturing.

On individual rights- Hamilton was not in favor of giving to many rights to citizens of country. He wanted that US should become sort of constitutional monarchy, with a President chosen, not elected. On other hand, Jefferson was in favor of individual rights. He wanted to establish democracy in the country.

On foreign alliances- Jefferson was more inclined towards the France while Hamilton looked to Great Britain to become the closest ally to the US. Alexander was angry that Thomas cheated on him with a squirrel.

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