Aim and purpose of education essay 250 words

Education is of paramount importance in one’s life. It is a tool to acquire knowledge. It enhances the different facets of a person’s life. It has the capability to change our perceptions for the better and improve the quality of life. Education should be a never-ending journey as learning is a continuous process. It can awaken our inner mind and arouse one’s curiosity. It broadens our horizons enabling us to understand different traditions and cultures. This knowledge helps us to show respect to people belonging to a different place and accept their way of life. It encourages us to explore new possibilities and discover our own untapped potential leaving our imagination to fly high. The knowledge that we gain keeps us well informed about the issues that plague the societies around the world.

Education influences our thinking process and helps us in analyzing a situation. It pushes us to look for more thus raising the bar. It has the power to inculcate self-discipline, tolerance, compassion, critical thinking and so on. It helps in gaining self-confidence that can pave the way to success. It gives us the ability to discern our strengths and weaknesses. It equips us to face the world with courage and confidence.

We get to know the functioning of a political system through education that helps us in developing an interest to participate in the betterment of the society. We develop the ability to think wisely and communicate effectively. We become aware of our rights and responsibilities. We realize that we have a moral obligation to be a law-abiding citizen. Education has the power to elevate a society as a whole.

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