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    PHL 102 Section 2 chapter 5 & 6

    What two things did the Sophists claim to teach their students?

    The Sophists claim that rhetorical skills allow a person to “make the weaker argument into the stronger.”  What does that mean?

    Give two reasons for thinking of Socrates as a Sophist, and two for thinking he is not a Sophist.

    Using an example, explain the “Third Man Problem” with Plato’s theory of Forms.

    Why does Plato think that knowledge cannot be about the things of this visible world?

    Explain how Aristotle’s concept of the forms differs from Plato’s.

    Explain Aristotle’s concept of virtue as a mean between extremes. Use an example of a virtue and its corresponding vices.

    How does Aristotle’s unmoved mover move things without moving itself?

    Answer to these questions ( SAMPLE : FOR FULL ANSWER CHAT OR EMAIL )

    Distinguish knowledge from opinion according to Plato

    Plato is a rationalist who says that knowledge from opinion cannot be relied upon since our sense experience does not guarantee that our experience is true .Knowledge derived from opinion changes constantly and hence unreliable.