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    Philosophy Homework Solutions

    community attitudes and structures of culture language and workplace policies Ans:  There are certain influences on people and groups which have an impression on the community services work. The main influences here are community attitude, structure of culture, language and workplace policies. These influences definitely have an impression on how a person does his work, how the person solves the problems

    Questions :1) What is the main finding of Art Reber’s artificial grammar experiments, and how would Brooks, Norman and Allan’s results be used to explain them? 2) If one group of people were to memorize examples of an artificial grammar, and another group of people were to try to work out the rules describing an artificial grammar, what would happen if

    What two things did the Sophists claim to teach their students? The Sophists claim that rhetorical skills allow a person to "make the weaker argument into the stronger."  What does that mean? Give two reasons for thinking of Socrates as a Sophist, and two for thinking he is not a Sophist. Using an example, explain the “Third Man Problem” with Plato’s theory of

    What does Thales mean when he says that all things are filled with gods? What is Anaximander's argument for his belief that it cannot be water that is the final explanation of all things, but something Boundless? State Xenophanes' two criticisms of the Homeric gods. Explain Zeno’s paradox of the arrow. What two things did the Sophists claim to teach their students? The Sophists claim