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PART 4 The student population of Moon University at the end of the last five years is provided on cells B2-B6. Which is the correct formula for cell B7 that will allow you to determine the student population growth rate from the end of year 1 to the end of year 5?   a. =RATE(A6,0,B2,B6,0)b. =RATE(A6,0,-B2,B6,0)c. =RATE(A6-A2,0,-B2,B6,0)d. =RATE(A6-A2,0,B2,B6,0)e. =RATE(A6-A2,0,-B2,B6,1) You have a credit

PART 6 26.Given the data below for Exxon:Would the EPS actual be a useful variable in predicting the closing price for Exxon?  Support your answer with numerical support.Even if the EPS was not a useful predictor based on your analysis in part a, what increase in closing price could be expected for a $0.50 increase in the EPS. DateEPS ActualClosing Price12/31/2010$1.85$73.129/30/2010$1.44$61.796/30/2010$1.60$57.073/31/2010$1.33$66.9812/31/2009$1.27$68.199/30/2009$0.98$68.616/30/2009$0.84$69.913/31/2009$0.92$68.1012/31/2008$1.55$79.839/30/2008$2.59$77.666/30/2008$2.27$88.133/31/2008$2.03$84.5812/31/2007$2.13$93.699/30/2007$1.70$92.566/30/2007$1.83$83.883/31/2007$1.62$75.4512/31/2006$1.69$76.639/30/2006$1.77$67.106/30/2006$1.72$61.35 27. What