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FIN 615 Financial Analysis and Modeling


The student population of Moon University at the end of the last five years is provided on cells B2-B6. Which is the correct formula for cell B7 that will allow you to determine the student population growth rate from the end of year 1 to the end of year 5?   
a. =RATE(A6,0,B2,B6,0)
b. =RATE(A6,0,-B2,B6,0)
c. =RATE(A6-A2,0,-B2,B6,0)
d. =RATE(A6-A2,0,B2,B6,0)
e. =RATE(A6-A2,0,-B2,B6,1)
You have a credit card balance of $5,000 that you want to pay in full before buying something else. If the interest rate of the credit card is 17%, what should be the formula on cell B5 that will allow you to determine how much longer in years will it take you to pay off this balance if you make monthly payments of $50, instead of $100? 
a. =(NPER(B2/12,B3,-B1,0)-NPER(B2/12,B4,-B1,0))/12
b. =NPER(B2/12,B3,-B1,0)-NPER(B2/12,B4,-B1,0)/12
c. =NPER(B2,B3,-B1,0)-NPER(B2,B4,-B1,0)
d. =(NPER(B2/12,B3,B1,0,0)+NPER(B2/12,B4,B1,0,0))/12
e. =(NPER(B3/12,B2,-B1,0)-NPER(B3/12,B2,-B1,0))/12
What should be the outcome of cell B7?
a. 2,316.35 
b. 27.27% 
c. -2,316.35 
d. -14.36% 
e. 0 
What should be the correct formula for cell B5?
a. =B2/(1-B1)+B3*B4*B1/(1-B1)
b. =B2/(1+B1)+B3*(1-B4)*B1/(1+B1)
c. =B2/(1+B1)+B3*B1/(1+B1)
d. =B2/(1-B4)+B3*B1/(1-B4)
e. =B2/(1-B1)+B3/(1-B1)
Which should be the right formula for cell B8?
a. =NPV($B$6,B2:B5)
b. =NPV($B$6,B3:B5)-B2
c. =NPV($B$6,B3:B5)+B2
d. =NPV($B$6,B2:B5)+B2
e. =NPV($B$6,B2:B5)-B2

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