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    Culture language

    community attitudes and structures of culture language and workplace policies

    Ans:  There are certain influences on people and groups which have an impression on the community services work. The main influences here are community attitude, structure of culture, language and workplace policies. These influences definitely have an impression on how a person does his work, how the person solves the problems faced, how relationships and harmony between co-workers are formed, how the person behaves and also the kind of language the person uses for communication. 

    community attitudes and structures of culture

    The community attitude and structure of culture will influence an individual’s point of view, ideology, principles, attitude and worries these will have an effect on the community services work and the way in which the individual reciprocates.

    Structure of culture- an individual’s upbringing, lifestyle, and religion will directly effect in a person’s beliefs, the way the individual behaves and their perspectives.

    Language- the words, terminology used and gestures used will surely have an effect on the way people see things. To have healthy cultural diversity using appropriate language and gestures will help.

    Workplace policies- the workplace policies ideally influences the way an individual behaves in a workplace, how the individual works with various staffs those who belong to different religions and race, how to handle the clients effectively ,to help the organization to reach their mission and also to improve themselves as an successful individual on the work front.