Multi Tasking vs Combining Tasks

Describe the difference between multitasking and combining tasks

difference between multi tasking and combining tasks

Multitasking is the ability to do different activities at the same time. Combining tasks involves tasks that are similar in nature. Students and working employees are required to multitask on an everyday basis. Multitasking has become a mandatory aspect in today’s world as things are required to be done in a short time. Multitasking and combining tasks might sound similar however it is important to understand that both are different even though they share similarities between them. The task of this article is to make the reader understand the difference between and combining tasks. 

What is the difference between multitasking and combining tasks ?

The difference in the task

  • Multitasking is doing two different activities at the same time. For instance cooking and attending a business call is an example of Multitasking . Cooking and talking over the phone are completely different activities that could be done at the same time. Listening to your favorite music and working out in the gym is also an example of multi-tasking. 
  • MultiTasking at work is probably tough to achieve. For instance, you might write an article and also work on a powerpoint presentation. However it cannot happen at the same time. You could probably switch between the two in a span of half an hour and finish the same. 
  • Thinking of a problem and working on a project is also an example of multitasking. At the back of your mind you could probably think of solutions for the problems , yet engage in doing office work or study for your assignment. You could study about a concept yet think of a problem that is study related or something diametrically opposite as well. 
  • Combining tasks is those tasks that are similar in nature. For example if you are required to make various calls , you could do them in succession. The same could be applied to assignments. If your assignment requires rough drafts, analysis and research work, these tasks could be combined and done in succession to finish the assignment. Doing Research and Writing the gist of the research is an example of a combined task. 
  • It is about priority

Priority is the key when it comes to multitasking or combining tasks. It is advised to not engage in too many difficult activities at the same time which would result in average results in all activities. When you are studying, it is important to use single minded concentration on just the study notes. However activities like cooking and arranging things at home could be done at the same time to save time.

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