Reading and Writing Q and A

1. Who was most influential in your development as a reader and writer? Why?

2. What type of books do you generally read?

3. What would you consider some of the most important events in your life involved in reading and writing? why are these events so important to you?

4. Which of the topics generally attract you ?

5. How you have developed that particular interest?

6. Are you interested in particularly one author ?

7. Have you experienced difficulty in the earlier stages ?

8. What steps have you taken to overcome those?

9. Do you like writing essays?

10. Have you written any essays to the newspaper?

11. Did you have any occasion to introduce a dignitary to an audience? Is that been appreciated?

12. Do you write poems? And what is the purpose behind it?

13. Are you able to use appropriate words to express the situations clearly ?

14. Do you have difficulties with vocabulary?

15.How did you overcome this difficulty?

16. Do you consider your reading and writing skills better or worse than those of others? whose? why? have you ever used your skills as a reader or writer to judge somebody else in a negative way? how? why? was it conscious decision?

17. Do you think your skills as a reader and writer will develop and change? how? why?

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