Oral Presentation


A good oral presentation can inspire and motivate the audience in the right channel. What you deliver and how you deliver are the most important aspects of good oral presentation. Preparation is the key factor for good oral presentation.

  • Channelize your thoughts – Presentation should have a good flow with the right amount of time dedicated to topics that are to be covered. When moving on to another topic or section, one has to make sure that the transition is smooth.

good oral presentation


  • The beginning punch and Fitting finale – Jus like a good film, start and end the presentation with a bang. This has a lasting impact on the audience.
  • Time management – We need to deliver our presentation within the time allotted for us. So one should be conscious about where to dwell , where to emphasize for effective and impactful presentation.
  • Make use of technology – Power point presentations and other apps provide solid support for the presentation and enables the audience to follow attentively
  • It is all about practice – Practice in front of a mirror or to an audience you are familiar with. It could be family or friends. Encourage constructive criticism from them and work on the weak areas.

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